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terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2009


Carlos - Tintinaine, Navy Marine # 16429
Artur - Leiria, Navy Marine # 15683

This is to let you know how thankful we are for your visit to this BLOG. As you might know by now, we are ex-Marines, Fuzileiros, as we are called in Portugal, who fought an independence guerrilla war for two decades, in the sixties and seventies, in the colonies of Guinea, Angola and Mozambique, which were under Portuguese rule for over five hundred years. In 1975, independence was granted to these colonies by the brand new government that resulted from a well known bloodless, Carnation Revolution, in the main land, Portugal. As you might realize, we are all seniors now, almost all, on a retiree status, some, as officers from the Portuguese Navy, others as civilians from all walks of life. This endeavor came as an idea, about a year ago, from a couple of old buddies who are well verse in, internet matters, and the result has been outstanding! You have to imagine, we have not seen each other for the last 44 years. Today, after all those years gone by, we are totally different in every aspect, with evidence accentuated on a physical appearance as you can see, on those before and after photos!Let’s talk about you, now. We assume that, might be a reason, for you to pay us with your very kind visit, which is always welcome! Now, dear friends, we would like to see you all, getting just a tiny bit involved or as much as you like in this work. The decision is yours! Start, please, by opening a free GOOGLE account, in case you do not have one, in order to tell us if you were a Marine, Fuzileiro, Navy sailor, Army man or in the Air force, or you have or had any family member in those positions. Tell about the country that you living in. In other words: the reason for your interest in this blog. To get started, go to Google website and just write: “how to open a Google account”, a screen comes up, and you just follow instructions, usually a new Google E-Mail goes as: anyname@gmail.com Then choose a user name that you like, does not have to be your name, and finally your password. Make sure you follow instructions to the letter, and at the end, do the submitting. You will receive a password and confirmation promptly. Once you get that, you are ready to fire! Go to one of our blogs, and at the bottom where you see “Comentários”, click, and you are ready to tell all, or just a bit about you. Please shoot in English, Portuguese or French if we don’t know these languages we will learn them, don’t worry. We would love to hear from you. Websites to visit: Companhia N°2 de Fuzileiros that, links to Escola de Fuzileiros, Espaço do Carlos, Fuzileiro, Marinha e Fusocultura also porta da capitania amongst others. Please don’t be afraid, or hesitate to log on, onto these blogs that you can also call yours! If you have any questions do not hesitate to mail us at: manaliva@gmail.com Once again, you are mostly welcome to join us, looking forward to see you in the near future and please accept our word of Thanks!

3 comentários:

  1. Well done comandant! Even better than I tought!...
    Kisses& hugs.

  2. School son Tintinaine, that's the way to develop a fleet and starting to fish on international waters.
    Saúde aos filhos da escola.

  3. Pena é que a tripulação prefira continuar de licença em vez de se apresentar ao serviço!